A modern 10.8 mil EUR wastewater treatment plant officially opened in Bihac

A modern 10.8 mil EUR wastewater treatment plant officially opened in Bihac
A Waste water treatment plant Velhovo, a joint project of the City of Bihac, European Union, German Development Bank (KfW) and the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, worth 10.8 mil EUR was officially opened on 5 July 2017.
Since 2008, when the German Development Bank approved the financing of the Waste water collection and treatment project in Bihac, which has been facing numerous financial problems, Velhovo Wastewater treatment plant was opened yesterday, which is the most expensive part of the overall project.
As emphasized, the Waste water treatment plant in Bihac is a modern facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technical and technological equipment for waste water treatment, SCADA management system and the only facility of that type in the Una-Sana Canton.
Mayor of Bihac Suhret Fazlic thanked to all stakeholders who participated in this project.
"One day, our children will enjoy the benefits and the value of this project. We are not even aware of the challenges concerning sewerage and faeces, until this happens in our backyard or at home. Thus, this is an important event for our city," Fazlic said.
The plant is officially opened in the presence of members of the EU Delegation in our country, representatives of the German Development Bank (KfW), the Government of FB&H and the City of Bihac, and as it was highlighted as the largest project of the German Development Bank (KfW) funded from the grant funds.
"If you follow the River Una to its mouth in the Sava, then the Sava River to the Danube River in Belgrade and then follow the Danube upstream to the place where it is connected with the canal with River Maine, you will come to Frankfurt. This is a strong reminder of how much we are all connected with European watercourse, as well as with a common European destiny, "stated Christoph Tiskens, director of KfW for South East Europe and Turkey.

The opening ceremony was attended by Christiane Hohmann, the Ambassador of the Republic of Germany in B&H, who pointed out that the plant was built according to the relevant EU standards.
"From the first steps to the successful completion of the project we needed 9 years. Allow me to say that the project duration is not in line with EU standards. In future projects, and many are under preparation, we expect less political bureaucracy and more commitment from our B&H partners, "said Hohmann.

After the construction of the sewage system and the commissioning of the plant, the water quality of Una river in the city itself and downstream from the discharge point will be improved from class 2 to class 1, which will improve the quality of raw water for water supply for the inhabitants of downstream municipalities, recreational and environmental value, and positive effects will be achieved concerning environmental protection and biodiversity as a whole. In addition, there will be a wider positive impact on the protection of sensitive areas - the Danube Basin and the Black Sea.

In addition to Sarajevo Canton and Mostar, the City of Bihac has acquired a modern waste water treatment plant for which the FB&H Government has allocated 8 million KM from the relevant agencies and funds. Una and Sana river with its tributaries deserve such projects, as well as projects that we strive to realize in the coming period in order to preserve these beauties for our and future generations," said Semsudin Dedic, Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of FB&H.

“The newly constructed sewage system together with the existing one forms an integral system of over 111 km of pipelines. The main challenge for a public water company will be to maintain this system that has its own rules - as if there are a lot of facilities such as siphons, rain overflows and manholes, it is necessary to build the capacity of the water company to cope with these challenges in the maintenance of the facilities.
The Waste water treatment plant is a very modern system that will significantly improve the quality of water downstream from Bihac This large system requires certain costs and in the coming period the costs of the service will have to be adjusted to these costs, "said Sandi Zulic, director of Una Consulting.

The Waste water treatment plant in Bihac is part of the project Waste water collection and treatment plants divided into three components, component I - consisting of the construction of about 53 km of new sewage network through the city of Bihac, of approximate value of 11.9 mil EUR, Component II - consisting of the construction of a treatment plant in Velhovo, worth about 10.8 mil EUR, with the main role is to treat waste water before they reach the River Una and Component III - accompanying measures for human, organizational and institutional strengthening of the public water company which is still ongoing.

Preparation of bidding documents, including development of conceptual design, support in bidding process, and supervision over the construction of Wastewater treatment plant in Bihac was entrusted to the joint German-B&H venture "Fichtner-Una Consulting", while the contractor for the construction works was the German-Italian consortium "Pfeiffer-Emit. The contract was implemented in in line with the FIDIC model "Yellow Book" according to which the contractor designs and performs works.

In addition to preparation of design and bidding documentation for construction of Waste water treatment plant in Mostar, supervision over the rehabilitation of the Wastewater treatment plant in Sarajevo, this is another successfully completed project of Una Consulting team from Bihac.



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