An official opening of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sarajevo

An official opening of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sarajevo

On 22 May 2017, a wastewater treatment plant in Sarajevo was officially opened.

Director General of the European Commission's Directorate for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations Christian Danielsson and Director of KJKP "Water Supply and Sewerage" Sarajevo have opened a Butila Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sarajevo, in which the EU has invested 13 million euros in the reconstruction.

After twenty-five years, Wastewater Treatment Plant Butila was re-commissioned. With the rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant, the living conditions of the entire Sarajevo Canton have been improved as all the wastewater was discharged directly into Miljacka River and then into the River Bosna before the plant was reconstructed. 
This project is the essence of European integration, EU representatives stated in an introductory address.

"This plant is a concrete example of the essence of what European integrations really are. B&H has met EU standards when it comes to water being discharged from this plant," said Director General of the European Commission for Enlargement Christian Danielsson.

Reconstruction of the complete plant will result in the protection of water resources by reducing the pollution of Miljacka and Bosna, and will enable the use of River Bosna for downstream users for various purposes, such as irrigation, agriculture, recreation and fishing.The value of the project is over € 25 million, and it is financed by EU funds through IPA funds of 13 million €, with the World Bank loan and with the funds of the Canton Sarajevo.

The preliminary design and the supervision of the performance of the works was carried out by the consortium of the Resource Centre and Consultancies for Water and Environment "Una Consulting" Ltd and Holinger AG (Switzerland).
A consortium of Unioninvest from Sarajevo and Passavant Roediger from Germany has been engaged to prepare the main design for WWTP, to supply and install the necessary mechanical and electrical equipment, and to put the WWTP into operation through a startup and trial run.

Throughout the entire period of implementation of the works contract, the consortium Holinger-Una Consulting was responsible supervision of all activities of the contractor including the review of the main design and all construction documentation, for supervision of construction works, procurement and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, supervision of the startup and trial run, and for general project management on behalf of the employer.


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