Una Consulting in panel discussion „Perspectives on Financing“

Una Consulting in panel discussion „Perspectives on Financing“
5th Conference of the Danube Water Programme was held from 17-19 May 2017 in Vienna. The representatives from 17 countries of the Danube River Basin, as well as the representatives of international financial institutions attended the conference. This conference has become one of the most important events for the water sector experts in South East Europe and beyond.
Topic of this year conference was „Challenges in financing water services for development“.As a part of the panel discussion about „Perspectives on financing“ Ms. Aida Jusufhodzic, project manager at Una Consulting shared experiences she gained over the past nine years implementing the most important projects related to the construction of waste water collection systems and treatment plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, cities of Bihac, Mostar and Sarajevo. Una Consulting provided design services, support during tendering and site supervision during execution of works on these projects, and during implementation of these projects worked close together with public utility companies in charge of operating with these systems as well as with the local government units, towns and municipalities responsible for supervision of the work of utility companies and enable sustainability of these investments.

The objective of this session was to examine the perspectives of financing water utility companies from different stakeholders involved in the water sector.
In her introduction, Ms. Jusufhodzic spoke about the most important lessons learned during implementation of these projects, and as a part of the discussion she gave recommendations and proposals for sustainable financing of public utility companies. Participants of the discussion were also Mr. Frank Wiederkehr, representative of Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Mr. Radoslav Russev, former deputy Minister for Regional Development of Bulgaria, Mr. Srini Parthasarathy, expert on regulatory issues (tariffs) from company Oxera Great Britain, Ms. Voltana Ademi, mayor of municipality Škodra in Albania and Ms. Ivana Stanisic, representative of PUC “Water and Sewage” from Bijeljina.


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